Helping Gay men create deeper spiritual connections, using an integrated approach, combining Shamanic practices, Jungian Archetypes, Inner Child Healing, Tantra and meditation



Welcome to  AWE and then SOME Coaching, we specialise in creating unique teaching and healing experiences for Gay men, to find freedom from trauma, turning limitation into limitless potential and unstoppable power and purpose.

We all need to create a secure and happy sense of self, to have more joy and fulfilment in our lives, however our past has a habit of catching up with us. We all have habits that sabotage our happiness because we just don't feel worthy.


How does it work for you?


  • Do you find your life lacks joy?

  • Do you struggle with negative self talk?

  • Do you have lack lustre relationships?

  • Have you found the pain and rejection in life?

  • Do you struggle with creating an identity that feels true, real and gives you the confidence to hold your head up high? 


If you could be led on a journey to discover yourself, your ultimate being, full of energy and passion, to wake up everyday being the person you choose to be. If you could be unshackled from old trauma, free of your burdens, able to make maximum impact. What if that journey could radically shift your perspective, and move from scarcity to abundance? 


Would you take such a journey of self discovery? Want to know how?


Enter our unique Inner Child Healing programs, utilising the Jungian Masculine Archetypes of the King, the Magician, the Warrior and the Lover. In every Hero’s journey, there is a guide, we aid you in finding your inner guide, your higher self, this aspect of you will become your compass, your inner mentor, an ever present source of wisdom. Whenever you have questions you can turn to your higher self and seek answers. 


But that's not all….


  • What if you could show up to every moment of your life, stepping into that ultimate sense of self and self empowerment?

  • What if you could walk around like a Lion, leading the pack, from the front?

Did you read that part about unshackling yourself from past trauma? Want to know how?


Come with me on a Journey to meet your inner child, meet the Archetypes of your childhood, the Divine Child, the Preconscious Child, the Hero and the Child of the Goddess. Travel deep into your unconscious using shadow work, journeying and meditation, find that lost boy within you, hold him, let him know he is loved and integrate him into your consciousness. Learn how to heal them, bring them into balance and prepare them for the ritual of transformation to their Mature aspects.


These Childhood Archetypes stay with us for life, they are gateways to unlimited energy, that when healed, pour through energy into our Adult lives, they become sources of playfulness, joy and curious wonder. 


But then what? 


We have learned the process of clearing and healing our Inner child, one we can use time and again, so what's next?


I mentioned there's a ritual of transformation, this is where we take our Archetypes of Childhood and integrate them into our Adult selves. Here we meet the Archetypes of Maturity, forming a Totemic relationship that we can call on to aid us in any circumstance.


For example


  • The King teaches us the importance of being a leader, a true leader is a servant to his Kingdom. The King shows us how to be a Steward, a guide and mentor to others. People only seek counsel from the Wisest of Kings.


  • The Magician is yet another source of guidance, he is Merlin to the Court of Camelot, he is the Bard that rules over the old stories we tell about ourselves, and helps us shape them into new, authentic, truth.


  • The Warrior teaches us to take action, careful deliberate action, he teaches us to develop our Warrior Code, the principles and values which underpin our daily lives. Every action we take must be in harmony with our Code.


  • The lover shows us how to be creative, joyful and connected beings, helping us make love with all of life, bringing ecstatic joy to our all relationships, especially with the men in our lives.


These are just some of the benefits of our programs:


  • Healthier self talk

  • Increased energy

  • More joy

  • Better relationships

  • Stronger values

  • Manifest your true worth


And ultimately ...


Live the life you were born to live!

Or as we like to say ...



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